The following list contains the names of parks in Dane County that have reservable facilities.  Select a name from the list to learn more about that park and see the weekly availability of sites.  Additional information about the parks including images and features can be found on the Dane County Parks site.

Park Selection

Mendota County Park

Mendota County Park is located off County Rd M near the intersection of County Rds Q and M in the Town of Westport, a few miles southwest of Governor Nelson State Park. The park has a 30-unit campground and a 5-unit boat camping area. Each campsite has a 30-amp electrical hook-up. Please note an extension cord may be needed to connect some recreational vehicles to the electric pedestal.

Camping amenities include bathroom and shower facilities and a dump station. The park also offers two shelter facilities, unsupervised swimming area with an accessible swimming ramp, volleyball courts, play equipment and a shallow launch for small boats, kayaks and canoes. For information about the water quality at the beach, please visit the Lake Mendota County Park Beach website from Public Health Madison and Dane County. The beach is part of the Clean Beach Treatment System project.

Sites Availability


Sep 29
Sep 30
Oct 01
Oct 02
Oct 03
Oct 04
Oct 05
Shelter # 1ReservedOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenReserved
Shelter # 2OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 1OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 3Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 4Evening OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedEvening OpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 5Evening OpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 6Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 7Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 8Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 9Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 11Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 12Evening OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 13Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 15ReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 17Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 19Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 21Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 22ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
Campsite # 23OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 24Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 25Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 26Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 27Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 28Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 29Evening OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 30ReservedEvening OpenMorning OpenReservedReservedEvening OpenOpen
Boat Camp Site #1OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Boat Camp Site #3OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Boat Camp Site #5OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen

*Campsite available for walk-in self-registration only on a first-come first-served basis; reserving a campsite is not possible as this must be made a minimum of 5 days before the first day of reservation. Shelter available for walk-in use only on a first-come first-served basis; reserving a shelter is not possible as this must be made a minimum of 2 days before the first day of reservation