The following list contains the names of parks in Dane County that have reservable facilities.  Select a name from the list to learn more about that park and see the weekly availability of sites.  Additional information about the parks including images and features can be found on the Dane County Parks site.

Park Selection

Babcock County Park

Babcock County Park is named after Stephen Babcock, Wisconsin dairy scientist, known internationally for discovering the method for determining the percentage of butterfat found in milk.

Babcock County Park is located on the east side of Lake Waubesa at the outflow of the Yahara River near the Village of McFarland on U.S. Highway 51. The boat launch offers a fish cleaning facility and accessible fishing pier. The Park also has a 25-unit campground with electricity supplied to all sites, a fully accessible bathroom and shower, and a sanitary dump station.

Sites Availability


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Campsite # 2ReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
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Campsite # 4OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 5Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 6OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 7ReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 8OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 9ReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 10OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 11Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 12OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 13Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 14OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 15ReservedReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning Open
Campsite # 16OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 17ReservedEvening OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 18ReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedEvening OpenOpen
Campsite # 19Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 20OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 21OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 22OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 23Evening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 24OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 25OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen

No walk-in self-registration permitted for campsites.  All campsites must be reserved online anytime or by calling (608) 224-3730 Monday-Friday 7:45-4:30 pm Central Standard Time

*Shelter available for walk-in use only on a first-come first-served basis; reserving a shelter is not possible, as this must be made a minimum of 2 days before the first day of reservation