The following list contains the names of parks in Dane County that have reservable facilities.  Select a name from the list to learn more about that park and see the weekly availability of sites.  Additional information about the parks including images and features can be found on the Dane County Parks site.

Park Selection

Token Creek County Park

The 427-acre park is best known for its five shelter facilities and ample open space for large group picnics and outings.  Recreational facilities include five volleyball courts, equestrian trails, miles of hiking and cross country ski trails, a 27-hole disc golf course and a 43-unit campground, plus a group camp area.  Other popular features include an accessible fish pier, two dog parks (one for small dogs), two playgrounds and an elevated boardwalk through a sedge meadow marsh.  The park also offers winter access to Dane County's 274 miles of snowmobile trails.

Sites Availability


Jun 30
Jul 01
Jul 02
Jul 03
Jul 04
Jul 05
Jul 06
Shelter # 1ReservedOpenOpenReservedReservedOpenOpen
Shelter # 2OpenOpenOpenOpenReservedOpenOpen
Shelter # 3OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenReserved
Shelter # 4ReservedOpenOpenOpenOpenOpenReserved
Shelter # 5ReservedOpenOpenOpenReservedOpenReserved
Campsite # 1-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 3Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 5Evening Walk-in Only*OpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 7Evening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReserved
Campsite # 9AWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 9BWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 11AWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 11BWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 13Evening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 15Evening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedEvening Open
Campsite # 18Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 19-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 20Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 21-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReservedEvening Open
Campsite # 22Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 23-NEEvening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 24Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 25Walk-in Only*OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedEvening Open
Campsite # 26-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 27ReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedEvening OpenOpen
Campsite # 28-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 29Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 30-NEWalk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 31Morning OpenReservedReservedReservedReservedEvening OpenMorning Open
Campsite # 33ReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 34Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenOpen
Campsite # 35Evening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedEvening Open
Campsite # 36ReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 37Walk-in Only*OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 39ReservedEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Campsite # 41ReservedEvening OpenOpenMorning OpenReservedReservedReserved
Campsite # 43Evening Walk-in Only*OpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenReserved
Group SiteEvening OpenOpenOpenOpenOpenMorning OpenEvening Open

*Campsite available for walk-in self-registration only on a first-come first-served basis; reserving a campsite is not possible as this must be made a minimum of 5 days before the first day of reservation. Shelter available for walk-in use only on a first-come first-served basis; reserving a shelter is not possible as this must be made a minimum of 2 days before the first day of reservation