Group Site

Mens and Womens pit toilet, hand pump for water, large fire ring, 2 benches, 6 picnic tables, large mowed area for plenty of tents.

Important Notice to Lake Farm Group Camp Users:

Motorists using the Lower Yahara River Trail to access the Lake Farm Group Camp should know that pedestrians and bicycles using the trail have the right of way.  Extreme caution must be exercised when encountering bicycles and pedestrians on the path.  Motorists on the trail must adhere to the following guidelines:
1) Do not pass moving bicycles or pedestrians unless they specifically yield by moving off the trail.
2) Do not cross the center line.  Keep as far to the right side of the trail as possible, the majority of the trail has gravel shoulders suitable for vehicle traffic.
3) Always yield to pedestrians and bicycles.


  • Location: William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park
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